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Slanted 26 - New York
06 novembre 2015
New York, city of superlatives: eight million inhabitants, more than 500 galleries, 200 museums and 10,000 restaurants. world stars like Massimo Vignelli (American Airlines), Milton Glaser (I LOVE NY, Bob Dylan Poster) or Herb Lubalin (Avant Garde), Ed Benguiat (numerous type designs as well as logos for e.g. New York Times, Playboy, Esquire) have shaped a generation. People like Stefan Sagmeister, Stephen Doyle, Alexander Isley, Scott Stowell or Emily Oberman came out of the studio of Tibor Kalman (Colors, Interview, Talking Heads). Slanted (David) takes oneself to New York (Goliath) in summer 2015 to meet the young generation of designers, typographers and artists who witness and shape the transition of the city. The city grew old and mainstreamed – it’s a miracle that it still works. The city has kept its speed and those who do not stick with it will be left over. The continuing speed is New York’s power; everyone living here wants to do or become something/someone. Nobody lives here without a good reason. Creativity is part of the fight for survival. Therefore Andy Warhol’s banana – originally designed for the Velvet Underground – suits much better to New York than the “big apple.”


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